Begin Developing Games for Windows Phone 7…


The biggest differentiating point between Windows Phone 7 and other Mobile platforms is the ability to have a multi-screen approach for your app! Your app/game can co-exist on the phone, on the xbox (game) or the PC or even to your Zune HD. This ‘Write Once’ deploy everywhere is very unique to Windows Phone 7 platform and that’s where the power of the platform comes into picture. Of course, there are a few changes you have to accommodate in your code to make this happen but still this is the most effective platform to have the 4 screen story…

As you all know, games are one of the most popular segments that people buy and download on the Phone platforms. And, if you are a .NET developer – you are in luck! You already are a game developer but you still need a few basics. That’s why we put together a list for you to get started on writing your first game for the Windows Phone 7 platform. This JumpStart pack (first of the series) from the Creator’s club (XNA Studio) includes:

  • 2D Touch Game Lab (Catapult Wars)
  • 2D Graphics Sample
  • 2D Particles Sample
  • Sound + Music Sample
  • Landscape/Portrait Orientation Sample
  • 2D Asset Types Article
  • Gestures Article
  • Intro to C# from Objective-C and Java Article

Please note that all samples are playable on the Windows Phone 7 Emulator included in the XNA Game Studio 4.0 Beta!

And, all this goodness doesn’t end here. We will keep the goodness rolling the next few months to get more details check out our Education Roadmap

Please note that you will also need other Windows Phone Developer tools. This you can get from

So without further adieu, Start Developing your First Windows Phone App

Play on!

-Mithun Dhar

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