It came in as a total surprise and yes, I first learnt it via facebook! It’s ‘kind of’ sad that MJ passed away today. Regardless of his past, his scandals, his eccentricities he had one good quality that is ‘Music’ for that he’ll always be remembered. I grew up in a generation where he is still the King of Pop!

But three deaths in a row and several interesting facebook comments made me think about life! Really, do we sweat the small stuff a lot? You know! We live in a constant worry of one thing or another. Our entire lives are spent chasing one thing after another there’s no end to all this until we actually die. And then unfortunately, the only thing that remains is our legacy, our kith and kin, and in essence people only remember how we touched their life nothing of your past life matters unless it’s lived for the other person. Do good, be good, live good!

In short, it was an eye opening day! It reminded me to start living a life! Because after the game, both the king and the pawn go to the same box.


-Mithun Dhar

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