OK! I really wanted to get a 16 GB iPod Touch...and, I waited all this while and today I am reading about Zune 2 and esp the 80 GB one has gotten a thumbs up from pretty much everyone! When the apple fan boys start talking good about a Microsoft product esp the Zune there really gotta be some good meat! Believe!

And, the deal sealer was the video that I just saw on the Seattle Pi - HERE (Well, if the price is not already enough...the 80 GB costs $249 and $149/$199 for the 4 and 8 GB flash based models respectively!)

I am bee lining at the Microsoft Company Store tomorrow...I hope we employees get some steep discounts! I only wish MS gave away free Zune's like Apple did for every employee! Well, no one said wishful thinking could kill me :))


More pictures from Gizmodo HERE

And, here's a features list - also from Gizmodo...

Get stoned!

-Mithun Dhar

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