Fring & SlideShare...

Amidst all the latest and greatest Web 2.0 companies two of them stand out! For starters, they are useful! :)

The first one is Fring. In about 5 minutes you can set up your mobile phone to communicate 'smartly' with all your IM buddies. Not only do you have a consolidated IM Client on your phone but you can also use your phone as a very effective VOIP communicator. You can directly call the PC (IM Buddies) via your phone. Alternatively, your IM buddies can call you on your phone once the Fring client is installed. This is very useful for me and it has nearly cut my international calling calls by more than 70%. I no longer use calling cards or annoying super high cost international calls. Gotta love technology!


The second company that is revolutionary and changing the game is SlideShare. It's aptly called the youtube for slides. I love this concept! This is so useful for me as I am now able to share my slides to the masses in 2 easy steps: Upload & Publish. Be sure to visit the site for some awesomely entertaining and educating slides.


Give it a shot and rest assured, you'll love both of these unique services.


-Mithun Dhar

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