How to hard reset a T-Mobile SDA smart phone...

About a week ago, My cell phone started behaving erratically. The joy stick failed, then its performance degraded, and finally it was almost time to put it to rest. I called my service provider and they agreed to send me a new one at a cost but wanted to return the one that I’ve been using. Most of my previous phones were pretty easy to reset. There would be a reset hole somewhere behind or below the phone, I take my pencil press the reset button and voila it would wipe off everything on the phone and just hard reset the device to factory settings. Hard resetting the SDA was a challenge and after trying to reset it for 20 minutes I decided to look up on the net and I found two ways of doing this,

1. This requires you to be able to boot the phone and get to the start menu.  Once you are able to get to the Start menu just click through to Accessories and then to Storage.

(Start -> Accessories -> Clear Storage)

2. If for some reason you are not able to boot the phone (Crappy device, virus, or Forgot your PIN) The second is if you cannot do this (ie forgot PIN or will not boot all the way).

a) Remove Battery

b) Replace battery

c) Hold down right and left soft keys

d) Press Power button for 2 seconds then release Power button only

e) Confirm prompt to reset

Hope you guys don’t have to do this!

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