IE 8 Beta Announced! (Download NOW!)

/Where to download IE 8 beta from: 

New Features:

• Microsoft is committing to help develop a standardized test suite for CSS 2.1 by contributing our CSS 2.1 test cases for feedback by the Web development community with the ultimate goal of donating them to the W3C.

• New features in IE8 such as Activities and WebSlices will put the power of online services in the hands of users and allow developers to reach beyond the page and keep a persistent connection with their users. IE8’s Activities and WebSlices make it possible for web sites to link directly into the web browser’s chrome or within web pages using web standards, without requiring custom toolbars or C++ code.   Activities and WebSlices farea already used by our partners such as Windows Live, eBay, StumbleUpon and Facebook.  

• Beta 1 is primarily a developer beta, we expect to release a consumer and enterprise beta later in the calendar year. ie., if you are a Web Developer and/or Designer: Download the Beta, test with your site and submit feedback through our beta newsgroup (microsoft.public.internetexplorer.beta)

• Beta 1 will initially ship in English followed by Hebrew, Chinese and German in April.


Developer overview documentation is available @ the IE Developer Center.  In addition to downloading the documentation, you can watch the keynote live at  And for detailed information, you will be able to view the MIX08 breakout sessions on Activities and WebSlices, as well as new AJAX features in IE8, which will be recorded and published to by March 7th.

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 Key Demos: (Linked from IE8 site)

Activities Overview - This video shows how to use Activities in Internet Explorer 8

WebSlices Overview - This video shows how to use WebSlices in Internet Explorer 8

Developer Tools Overview - This video gives an overview of new features in Internet Explorer 8 Developer Tools

AJAX Navigation - This video shows how to implement AJAX navigation for use with Internet Explorer 8

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