Latte love!!!

If you love coffee and adore your cuppa joe like me, you'd know that a real cup of latte is not real unless it's served in a REAL cup (Porcelain) and has some latte art on it. Needless to say, Microfoam coffee is quintessential!

If you are in Seattle, WA hit me up and we can sure talk more about this awesome drink! Here are my favorite coffee houses in Seattle:

  1. Bahaus Books and Coffee - Downtown Seattle/Capitol Hill @ Melrose and Pine - This is where I spend most of evenings from 11:00 PM till close (1:00 AM)
  2. Top Pot Doughnuts - There are 3 locations in Seattle and I usually frequent the Capitol Hill location at Mercer and Summit - This is usually my Sunday evening retreat! Or when I have to do some mundane boring stuff (I mask the boredom with 'people watching')
  3. Victrola Coffee Inc - I used to go to this place very often but I haven't been there in the past couple months! I usually go there when I get back home before 8:00 PM from work. It's because this place closes at 11:00 PM :( - I am usually up working till the wee hours. Just don't ask me to wake up before 9:00 AM! Victrola is great and I love their Russian cookies. It's on 15th & Thomas (between Thomas and Republican on 15th). They also opened a new one (well, about 2 years now...) on Pike St.
  4. Vivace Coffee and Roasters - This is awesome and very famous in Seattle. They have 3 locations too...with a swanky new one just opposite to REI in downtown Seattle (Yale Ave). However, I prefer the grungy, laid back one in Capitol Hill - It's on Denny and Broadway. Free wifi, nice tables, airy, lots of light (when we have light in Seattle) so this is our fav hangout place on holidays, we usually play chess or cards or just huddle around our laptops and play 'Text Twist'. And, almost 3 times in a week when I am on my routine walk, I first pick a coffee at the Vivace store on Broadway (Opp to Broadway grill).
  5. Online Coffee Company - If I am on my 12:00 AM walk's then this is my first stop, I first pick my coffee here and punch my card and then finish my ritual 3.4 mile walk! :) I love their coffee too...and If I have an early morning flight, I usually get a cuppa joe from this place and drink it the next morning (which is usually in about 4 hours!) - My Online coffee sore is on Olive and Harvard Ave.
  6. Cafe Vita - I really have no idea why I stopped going here. It's almost a year...they have really good mocha's and the seating upstairs is always lots of fun! They usually supply their coffee and beans to some of the uppity restaurants in Seattle. I love their 'Sugar tubes'
  7. Uptown Espresso - I used to frequent this place a lot while I had a good friend living near the Space Needle! It's an awesome place to go hangout and just catch up with friends. And/or talk about 'world politics' :) I used to frequent the one in Belltown (4th and Wall)
  8. Cafe Ladro - I go here only when it's a first date and if the girl's little snooty! lol! :) None the less their coffee is pretty good. I usually go to the one in Captiol Hill or Lower Queen Anne
  9. Zoka Coffee Roasters - I love this place! Loved to hang out here, unfortunately I've stopped going here - Because it just brings back some memories that I am trying to forget! It's amazing how you associate all these places, even chairs and tables that you used to sit and hangout etc...But they have great coffee and great ambience - My two favorite locations are: Zoka Green Lake and Zoka University (Near the U-Village mall near UW). All I had there was good times with a friend who was closest to me! It's sad that I have to use the past tense now...
  10. Kahili coffee - This was my favorite after work coffee hang out! And, it was also on my most favorite street in and around Seattle - Kirkland downtown (Lake Washington Blvd) I am not a big fan of sweet stuff but their fruit tarts are yummy! :) (Haven't been here either for a long time - usually I had my good friend come over to my office and we'd hang out at my office till I completed my work and then drive over...just good times!)
  11.  Zeitgeist - If you are in the downtown area/Pioneer square area you definitely want to check out this cafe. Not very top on my list but's a good place to go when in downtown :)
  12. Starbucks - Of course! All said and done, Starbucks tops my list not because of their coffee but because of the experience. Every cup of coffee comes free with a great experience. There are times when I am on the road non stop...and at these times when I go to a Starbucks store it's almost like being back home! The same chairs, the same tables, the same colors, and the same cup of coffee! I usually spend hours at Starbucks - lunch, coffee, and a pack of dark chocolate covered espresso nuts. :) And, my most favorite Starbucks is the 2nd Starbucks in the whole wide world - Starbucks at the University Village Mall in Seattle, WA. This place is just laden with great memories with people that matter most to my life. And, more of these will be made here in the future!


Well, you can't throw a stick in Seattle without hitting a coffee shop or a man wearing crocs. :) If you are in the neck of my woods don't forget to enjoy a good cup of coffee! I have made up my mind that next year, I am spending quality money and getting a nice espresso machine :) (The one that I want right now costs me $900!!! Ouch!!!) In the meantime, I'll practice on improving my Latte Art talent...



A very emotional,

-Mithun Dhar

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