Live Mesh

LiveMesh Are you wondering what this whole 'mesh' is about? Well, as Amit very elegantly put it: It's the "magic of software and Internet services to connect and bring devices together into your own personal “mesh” enabling them to work in concert with one another." Yes, it's really that simple.

Microsoft has announced Live Mesh, a data storage and Web software system that blends Windows-based software with an elaborate array of services, which can be delivered to a variety of electronic devices.

Imagine a world with:

  • "Unified Device Management" - enabling your devices to report into a common service, for status, for health, or to report their location.
  • "Unified Data Management"- or the transparent synchronization of files, folders, documents & media, the bi-directional synchronization of arbitrary feeds, of all kinds, across your devices and the web.
  • "Unified Application Management" - for centralized web-based deployment of apps across the devices you own.
  • "Centralized Management" - where you could configure and personalize your devices and remote control into them from just about anywhere.

That would make our digital, hardware driven lives so much more simpler! You can read more about this HERE! Be sure to stop by the Live Mesh tech preview

You can also see a live video on Channel 10. But, bobody tells it better than Ray Ozzie!

It's better together!

-Mithun Dhar

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