Microsoft Response point from our research labs!

If there was a geek heaven on planet earth – It’d have to be Microsoft Research! I just love this place, it’s a Mensa congregation! The best brains in the industry converge at one place called building 114 in Microsoft (Redmond, WA).

Earlier today, I was talking to a former team mate who is still with MSR as a developer and he’s working on this really cool device called as Microsoft Response point (I wish the name was cooler! Darn MS legal!) Finally, we are bringing VoIP into the Enterprise! And, it couldn’t have been easier…

Essentially Response point is a very cool, simple state of the art PBX system designed for small businesses. Really, it’s that simple! Plug and play…

MSRP           MSRP2


Here are some of the sailient features of Response point:

  • Phone and service configuration wizards
  • Phone auto discovery
  • One-touch voice commands
  • Automated Receptionist
  • Built in voicemail
  • Voicemail to e-mail forwarding
  • Incoming call notifications on your PC
  • Microsoft Outlook contact integration
  • Two-click backup and restore

Here’s a great article about Response point from eWeek. For more information read my colleague, Robert Brown’s blog! And, this group is spearheaded by Xuedong Huang (XD) – If you are familiar with the speech industry this name needs no introduction. XD and Kai Fu Lee were both in the Speech Division at Microsoft. Both of them great leaders and a lot of fun to work with.

I miss working with that team, such a great bunch!

-Mithun Dhar

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