Microsoft's Presenter mouse...

OK! Did you guy's know that we (Microsoft) not only make Software but also make Hardware?? And, I think we make the best darn keyboards and mice in the whole wide world! And, that is the word from the heart! It's not just 'kool aid'!

I can't imagine life without, water, my car and my Microsoft Ergo Keyboard I know you guy's are thinking I am exaggerating it! But seriously, use one of those soft touch keyboards and you'll know why they're so good! I think I can finally say, some of our hardware is much better than Apple's! :) Yeah, yeah, they are sexy too...

Anyway, the point of this post is, I lost my Presenter Mouse :( and I frantically searched every nook and corner but at this point, I am pretty sure that it's lost :( 

I am sad because it was a gift by my manager for a job well done and it was just AWESOME!! I used it in every presentation I did in the past four months. I had'nt even replaced the batteries yet :( The case was even intact and it just sucks that I lost it :((

Well, on the bright side as an employee I at least don't have to pay $100 (Compare prices) none the less, I'll be poorer by $55 :(

Ah well, sometimes you lose things that you love! Good riddance? Perhaps! Time shall tell...




- Mithun Dhar

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