Seasonal Vice!

Different people have different vices and my 'current' vice is the new Tag Heuer Link Calibre S wrist watch! It all started about a month ago when I landed at the McCarran International airport in Las Vegas. Amongst other gorgeous 'stuff' the new Tag Heuer Calibre S caught my eye! I was mesmerized from the get go! Since my 5th grade, I have a weakness for watches! There's something about having a nice watch rest on your wrist. It's this nice feeling of umm...content? Perhaps!  I usually prefer automatic watches but do make exceptions once in a while. Anyway, I've been doing some serious research to find a good price on this watch. So far, the best price I can get is at Dubai - @ the WafiCity mall - @ Ahmed Siddiqi & Sons and the second best is at a store in Sydney, Australia.

I have to cure my sleepless nights - and the cure my friend, is to feed the frenzy! I really hope have to win the lotto this Christmas!


It's sad that the things I love the most are just that - 'things'! I can swear I wasn't like this before :|

-Mithun Dhar

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