SharePoint 2010 Development in Visual Studio 2010…

With nearly a Million developers on SharePoint, we realize how important the Developer experience is. Visual Studio 2010 helps bridge the gap that SharePoint developers had while writing SharePoint applications. Three big things we have focused in VS2010 (specifically for SharePoint Developers)…

1. Improve productivity (F5 debugging, Client Machine Development, etc…)

2. Connect Businesses and Data (All the goodness of Business Connectivity Services)

3. Extend Rich Visualizations (Silverlight, especially powerful with SharePoint Client Object Model and also the Rich Office Integration we offer via VS2010)

To get a better idea, skim through the deck. Even better, come join me at one of our Launch Events…

SharePoint 2010 developer overview (in Visual Studio 2010)

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-Mithun Dhar

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