Silverlight 2...

Well, I'm sure you are already aware of the release of Silverlight 2. Silverlight is Microsoft's most comprehensive technology for creating and delivering .NET-based rich Web experiences.

We released the beta a couple months ago and if you saw the Olympics via the NBC Olympics site you already have Silverlight 2 beta installed on your machine. Some of the stats from the NBC Olympics site are amazing and it shows how far Silverlight has progressed as a technology. Here's an actual quote from a Senior VP at Microsoft, "During the 17 days of the recent 2008 Beijing Olympics, NBC delivered a Web experience powered by Silverlight resulting in more than 50 million unique visitors, 1.3 billion page views, 70 million video streams, and 600 million minutes of video watched. More importantly, it increased the average session time on the site from 3 minutes to 27 minutes, helping NBCOlympics break almost every other digital/Web record out there!"

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-Mithun Dhar

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