Size does matter...

Wall street knows it, New Yorkers know it, the makers of Godzilla know it, the makers and takers of Viagra know it – Size does matter! We at Microsoft know it too! And everything we do, is done in a grand scale. Our launch parties, our revenues, our philanthropy (MS Employees only not Bill Gates!), our profits and now our parking garage!

We are building a parking garage that can house 5000 cars. The largest parking lot in the US! Read more about it HERE – I am sure some of us will miss the joy of valet parking! :) (Did you know that MS employees get valet parking?)



Seattle times: Microsoft is excavating what is billed as one of the largest underground parking garages in the U.S., which will hold some 5,000 vehicles on its Redmond campus. It's scheduled to be completed by mid-2008.


So the next time you come to ‘One Microsoft Way’ remember where you parked your car…coz, the darn parking lot will be HUGE!!