VSTS UG Meeting update...

I've been Out of Commission over the past few weeks. Basically, I was living it up in India, enjoying the sunshine and I was also busy getting married. :)

Anyway, I hope you have already registered for the upcoming VSTS User Group Meeting. Jeff Levinson from NW Cadence will be speaking on the 30th on 'Team Build'! Knowing Jeff, this session will be awesomely entertaining and informative. Don't miss out on this action packed event! I'll also bring some fun swag! Here where you can Register

Keep checking for updates and be sure to give your feedback on how the Seattle Team System User Group can do better - know that this is YOUR USER GROUP! - http://www.seattleteamsystem.org

More details on the upcoming session:

Date and Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm on Wednesday Jan 30, 2008 

Topic: Team Build

Location: MS Redmond Campus - Building 118- Room Mt. Si

Click here for a map of the location.

Meeting Leader: Sumit Chawla (Resolute Solutions Corp)

Speaker: Jeff Levinson (Northwest Cadence) 

Yes, I’ll admit it.  Not long ago I was a 90 pound quality weakling.  Other developers would kick sand in my face and flex their low bug counts, but I just couldn’t get my code integrated fast enough to fight back.  I didn’t even know if my entire application would compile, let alone if the pieces would all work together!  It was embarrassing… humiliating even.  But I showed them!  I started an automated build workout regimen and started flexing my low bug biceps.  I started out easy by automating the compile process, and working it out once a day.  But it wasn’t long before I was up to multiple build reps a day.  In fact, within a month I was integrating my code at every check in.  Then I started to add variety to my workout.  I threw in unit test first, and bulked up fast.  Then functional tests, and I really got strong.  I even started deploying my application with every build, giving me rock hard, six pack abs to bounce my tests against.  Today, I’m a quality stud, and no one challenges the quality of my code. 

Don’t miss this session.  You can be a Team Build body builder as well! 

See you there!

-Mithun Dhar