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Thanks to our wonderful ISV Architect evangelist this wonderful event is unfolding for your benefit in Redmond, WA. Don’t miss this opportunity, here are the details:

(Please note that if the event is overbooked, contact me and I’ll get you in. I have 5 seats blocked for community quota.)

Windows 7 application compatibility experts are on hand for free seminars and drop in clinic. You can get help getting the Compatible with Windows 7 software logo for your products. Both events follow the The New Efficiency launch events. The events are for ISVs and enterprise developers with an application that you’d like to have run on Windows 7, we’ll help.

Technical Seminar is October 13. Drop in Clinics are available October 14 or 15. Register now. Space is limited. The events are being held at the Partner Adoption Center on the Redmond, WA campus.

Technical Seminar for Developers, Architects

This is a one-day event to enable ISVs to make their applications compatible with Windows 7 and/or certifiable for the Compatible With Window 7 Logo. The typical number of participants is 30. The event is in the Partner Adoption Center in Redmond, WA.

Participants of a Windows 7 Application Compatibility and Certification training will learn about compatibility issues that may cause their Windows XP or Vista application to perform incorrectly on Windows 7, and understand how to remediate those issues. Additionally participants learn what the application requirements are for the Compatible with Windows 7 Logo, how to test and certify their applications and how to use Microsoft’s Windows Error Reporting service. Finally, the training also touches upon the most important opportunities for participants to enhance their applications with functionalities that are new to Windows 7.

The training is primarily targeted at developers and application architects of software vendors with existing Windows XP and Vista applications. Developers and application architects of system integrators and internal enterprise development centers may also find this training useful. This half-day training consists of presentations and demos.

After the training, participants will understand what kind of compatibility issues to expect in their applications, which tools exist to efficiently test their applications and find compatibility issues, how to resolve common issues, how to certify their applications for the Compatible with Windows 7 Logo and which opportunities exist to leverage new features in Windows 7.

Register: Redmond Windows 7 Application Compatibility Technical Seminar for the session on October 13.

Drop In Clinic – Bring Your Application

The drop-in clinic gives you the chance to talk to a Microsoft Windows 7 development expert about Windows 7 application compatibility and/or certifying your application for the Compatible Windows 7 Logo program. The event is in the Partner Adoption Center in Redmond, WA.

If you wish to certify for the Compatible with Windows 7 Logo program, please bring a laptop with Windows 7 (64-bit version required) and your application’s setup files. The Microsoft expert can walk you through the process of testing your application using the Logo Toolkit. If your application passes the tests, you will be able to apply for the logo online while in the clinic!In case you have specific questions about you’re application’s compatibility with Windows 7, you can bring a laptop with your application running on the Windows 7. Please have development tools installed in case you want to debug your application with help of the Microsoft expert.

Register: Redmond Windows 7 Drop in Clinic for session on October 14.
Register: Redmond Windows 7 Drop in Clinic for the session on October 15.


-Mithun Dhar

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