Windows Mobile 6.5, My Phone and a Market place for your apps announced today!

WM_homepage_PM Finally! We announced the upcoming Mobile OS - Windows Mobile 6.5! Some of the basic changes are, it makes the phone more 'touch' friendly and makes browsing more easier. You can read about it here - 

What got me excited more than the OS was the 'My Phone' announcement. How many times have we lost contacts, or wished we were able to view the pics on our phone directly on the web. We now can with My Phone. Essentially, its a cloud service that stores all the information on your phone in a server. With automatic synching and back up, you can be assured that all the information you choose to back up will be available on the cloud for anytime access. This makes upgrading phones so much more easier. And best of all, this service is FREE! Yeah, Free! WMPhotos-Screen_lg

.NET Developers of the world, Unite! The Windows Mobile Market Place is here! We can now put use to our .NET programming skills and write applications for our Windows Mobile phones. With our tight integration with the developer and partner ecosystem, selling these apps will be made real easy and guaranteed you will have the best bang for the buck! Rest assured, we will keep the process simple and clean. No more neo-nazi stuff of what applications go in and what not.

Additional information about Microsoft at Mobile World Congress 2009 is available on the Microsoft MWC Web page at

For all smart phone users this is a day to rejoice! :)

-Mithun Dhar

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