Write Sidebar gadgets in C#....

I woke up to a very nice snippet on Nikhil Kothari’s blog this morning – It’s now possible to write side bar gadgets in Windows Vista using C#! (C# via Script#)

As soon as I read this I was grinning ear to ear. I am not a big fan of Jscript or HTML!


Anyway, here's your Treat



His blog shows you a very simple example of how to write a small gadget The sample gadget included allows you to enter a search term or phrase that is queried against MSDN. It based on the MSDN search gadget sample written by Tim Heuer. It also has ‘Fly out’ functionality.



The latest version of Script# can be found Script#, included in this release is a Project Template and a Sample gadget.


Can’t wait to see the slew of new gadgets…


-Mithun Dhar