Keyword Expansion Check-in Policy on CodePlex

One feature we often hear requests for in TFS version control is the ability to support keyword expansion in comment headers.  Many users of VSS and CVS are accustomed to using these comments as the way to track the revision history of a file.  While TFS provides the ability to track changeset comments, we don’t have any file level comments and the history command is not available while offline.  Since we do not yet have this feature in the product, we’re tracking it on our features backlog as something to include in a future release. 

Recently, I saw a blog post by Jochen Kalmbach where he was talking about a check-in policy he wrote to support the keyword expansion feature.  I asked if he would be willing to share it broadly, since there are definitely other customers that could benefit from this policy.  Jochen agreed, and is now sharing the project on CodePlex at

I encourage anyone that is interested in the keyword expansion feature to take a look at Jochen’s check-in policy.  I know he’s looking for feedback, so please let him know what you think!