SVN to TFS Tool Available from Timely Migration

Last week, the folks over at Timely Migration released a new migration tool to enable migration from Subversion to Team Foundation Server. I've personally heard a lot of requests from potential TFS for a tool to do this, so I'm sure plenty of people out there will be happy to hear this.

One of the coolest things about this tool is that it actually upgrades the SVN data to support features in TFS. For example, renames in SVN are treated as and add + delete, making it difficult to trace back the history for a file prior to it being renamed. Rename works differently in TFS in that it allows history of items that have been renamed to be followed back prior to the rename. The Timely Migration SVN to TFS migration tool automatically pairs up the add and delete operations in SVN to become renames in TFS, enabling traceability that never existed for those files in SVN. Undelete actions are also converted in a similar fashion.

Read more about these features and a few others here: