Heathrow Airport "Security"

So in my previous post I talked about the appalling website URL's at Heathrow Airport. A couple of days ago I actually had the displeasure of going through it. Ive been to a lot of countries and never had such a bad experience as here. I get off the flight from Singapore to London with my two carry on bags. Anywhere Ive ever been allows you to take two bags - one medium sized one and a small one. Not in Heathrow! The security guy at the screening point tells me that I need to get rid of one.

"Where do you expect me to put it given Im allowed to take two bags onto a flight?" I ask him

"You need to fix it and its the rules" he replies

And Im not the only one thats annoyed. A guy from South Africa is practically yelling at a security guy saying that no one is telling people this new rule as they are checking in from other countries. Frustrated and tired tourists are literally all over the floor before the screening point trying to cram their two bags of stuff into a single bag. The density inside each combined bag means its now bursting at the seams. Im doing the same and cramming my camera bag and camera into my other carry on bag so now it weighs a ton. I wonder to myself how the heck the security scanners will ever be able to correctly identify even if I did have something of risk in the bag anyway with so much stuff now in there.

And what was the security value here? In my opinion its all security theater and a pointless exercise. When people get out the other side they all do what I did - take their single crammed bag and separate it out again into the two bags it originally was. How did any of that help security?