Shredding Hard Disks? Huh?

I remember a long time ago when I actually did do "real work", I did a statewide tour helping a government agency on a new desktop replacement rollout. Part of the job was switching out hard drives for bigger ones and the reimaging them with the new SOE. Due to the very sensitive nature of that data in that agency they didnt want to take any chances about the data falling into the wrong hands...and that can happen. So we took a big power drill along for the ride, drilled several holes through the platters and tossed them away. (yes I know that this doesnt completely destroy the data...but really you'd have to be pretty keen to try..)

It seems like we have a similar problem at Microsoft...except in this instance people are trying to get their hard drives shred through the paper shredder. I pretty sure its not gonna work. Here what I saw yesterday: 
















At least people are thinking securely though. :)