Known debugger issues with VS8 beta1

Hi all,

Adding to the my other article, I decided to list up some issuses from Beta1 to help you. I'll add information more and more. :)

Side by Side with VS7.x and VS8 Beta1

- Can't start debugging from VS7.x after installing VS8 Beta1

Microsoft Development Environment
Error while trying to run project: Unable to start debugging on the web server.

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To do the auto-attaching, VS needs to talk to ASP.NET server(IIS). and for proper communication, matched version of ASPNET_ISAPI.dll should be registered or in use. if your server is Windows 2003, you can simply enable expected ISAP dll via IIS manager. for others, with IIS MMC, you can see ASP.NET tab on the virtual directory property and with that you can choose which ISAP will be used for the virtual directory.  

* thanks to Eric Sowell for reporting this issue.

Beta1 issues

- InterOp debugging with IJW Dll...

Because of the change in CLR design, if your project has IJW type managed dll which is C++ dll project built with /clr option, you may see hang or crash of your debuggee in InterOp debugging mode. the having dllmain is not allowed in /clr option. current solution is to remove dllmain from the dll.

  - Managed code: when your worker thread is calling a method of UI control which is created by UI thread

If a worker thread is calling a method of UI control which is created by UI thread, you may see unexpected exception, which is not fired in normal execution mode, from UI thread when the call is made. it happens because Framework wants to let you know about the improper usage of UI control method. if there should be call from different thread, you need to use “.Invoke()” method to do it.  

Because this exception was not fired in VS7.x, this problem is easily expected from the case of migrating your code from VS7.x to VS8 beta1. you may see that your code is running fine without debugger, but under debugger, suddenly you see exceptions from UI thread.