My baby wants to play with my notebook compueter....

I have a daughter who is 14 month old now.

From few months ago, suddenly she started to play with my notebook computer. so whenever I turn it on, she comes to me and just stare at me with hopeful eyes asking me to put her up on my lap and let her play with my notebook. well... I'm not sure whether it is good for eyes and developement. but what I can see is that she loves to mimic what I do normally. so I'd better be good role model for her to follow.

Anyway, back to what I want to say, sometimes I'm really supprised by what she did on the machine. sometimes, she turned it off with proper key sequences and sometimes she launched several apps and play with them. and does many interesting things. I know it just happens by chance because she always just smashes keyboard with her little hands. but it is still amazing to see the result. :)