My habits from my job...

After being QA, I got some habits in my normal life... :)

- Alway, don't believe anything until I see and test it.: Well, it may not be from my job. but I got more tendency not to believe anything at the beginning.

- Try to get repro steps even with very dangerous cases...: One time, I got problem with my car on freeway. I was driving on freeway, and my car started not to accelerate and losing power and I could see an warning light on my console. after turning off and on engine again, it did disappear, but I tried to repro it. and I got the repro steps and finally I could convince my service guy to fix it. (it was actually recall class issue which was recalled about a 10 month later.)

- Want to know how it is changed.: Always, my first question to my dev side co-worker after they fix bugs is how you fix it? and now even in my normal life, I want to know what the difference is between before and after for any type of changes.

- Find bugs in many products which I use: With any of my toys, I always try to find out any issue. and try to break it via logical defects. and I could see many of interesting results from them. my wife doesn't like that because I almost broke some kitchen wares. :)

I may get more habbits from my job. anyway, it is interesting to see how job can impact on people. :)