my opion on TDD...

Around me, I'm seeing some people who are very deep into TDD.

Well, as QA, whenever I heard their mythical belief on TDD, It makes me think why TDD is believed that much.

TDD, it sounds like very testing oriented. yes it is. I agree. and it is good approach. but is it all? and can it find all issues? I don't think so. but many of TDD believers want to believe that it is the final solution for everything.

IMHO, I think that it is just a trend which is good trend because it is focusing on the quality of code at the beginning. however, I don't think that it is everything or final thing which can solve every problem or prevent all issues from your code.

Adding to TDD, we need to understand the bigger picture. you should see the forest with trees, too. otherwise,you will lose harmony in your overall design and process.