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Well, My first computer experience was from my 5th grade in elementary school(I attended to school in South Korea. so the school system may not be same like US. anyway, I was 11year old.). it was MSX(from japan) with GS-Basic and AppleII(I guess). those machines were so interesting and exciting to young geeky boy.

That time, I always dreamed to make games and some interesting hacking tools. :)and when I first met the DOS. I was too excited because I could save something on other than tape. over middle school, I learned fortan and Basic. it was quite interesting experience to see how I can make computer to do something for me. and I always wondered who made that kind of S/Ws. when I first used Turbo C(it might be 1.0, I guess) in high school. I dreamed to meet the people who make that kind of things and to work for/with them someday.

Now after quite a while later, I'm working for Visual Studio which is most powerful dev tool in the world(at least in my opinion.) and around me, there are many people who I used to be eager to work for/with. it is quite interesting feeling. Life is really interesting to live. :)