Microsoft Across America is in Virginia and California This Week

We will be talking security, communication and collaboration, and online services in your town. Tuesday, we will be in Reston, Virginia and Fresno, California. Thursday we will be in Richmond, Virginia and Berkeley, California. Come out and join in on the conversation. We welcome your input into the discussion. Go to to get more information on the venue addresses and to register. Walk-ins are welcome and we can get you registered at the door.

There will be a session for all of the leaders in the organization. If you are an executive or IT decision maker, then you will attend the Momentum event starting at 8 a.m. If you are the IT Administrator you will attend the Technet session. If you are a Partner, there is also an afternoon session for you starting at 1 p.m. Developers we have you covered as well with the MSDN session.

To see an agenda for the Momentum session, go here.

Come out and get the information you need to help make important decisions in your organization.

See you there.