Another conference complete (well, two of them actually)

I gave two presentations at TechEd New Zealand in Auckland and five sessions at TechEd Australia in Sydney this week.  Now I think I need to take a vacation to recover - too bad I just got back from vacation.  Anyway, both conferences were great, both cities were great, and it's now back to the office to do some real work.  (Sadly, I had one failed demo: a simple ConfigMgr bare metal XP deployment.  Oops, the machine generated a new computer object and wasn't in the collection.  I then tried to use a different VM, but that failed too with an error 1168.  For future reference, that's the error you'll see if you try to run a task sequence on a VM that doesn't have even a single disk attached to it.)

One video I saw this week during the conference was fairly entertaining. 

Yes, it's humor only IT geeks would enjoy.  And yes, since I enjoyed it I'm admitting I'm an IT geek.  But there's nothing wrong with that.  (I especially like the part about 1:20 into the video.)