Losing the (e-mail) battle

I get a lot of e-mail (and send a lot too).  Overall, for those e-mails that need a reply my system is very simple:  reply immediately, or flag the e-mail for follow up and get back to it when I have some time.  My goal is to keep that "For Follow Up" pile nice and small, but somehow it just keeps on growing.  The current tally:


So if you are one of those 364 people waiting for me to reply to an e-mail, I apologize - it's going to take me a while to get through them, especially since we have our internal TechReady 7 conference in Seattle next week, and then I am then going to take a few weeks off (the longest vacation I've ever taken).

My current excuse:  We have a new release coming out.  More on that soon.  (For the Microsoft guys in Seattle next week, you can get all the details in session CLI301.)