MDT 2010 New Feature #13: New task sequence templates

There are two new Lite Touch task sequence templates provided in MDT 2010:

  • Capture only (CaptureOnly.xml).  This task sequence includes only the steps to sysprep the OS, reboot into Windows PE, and capture a WIM file (with the right /FLAGS value).  We would prefer that you use a full task sequence to do the complete build/sysprep/capture process, but if for some reason you can’t do that then you can consider this template to reliably perform those last few steps.
  • Post OS Installation Task Sequence (StateRestore.xml).  This task sequence includes all the “State Restore” phase activities: installing applications, enabling BitLocker, restoring the user state, and even the “capture only” steps described above.  This is useful in cases where you have already built the OS (maybe you deployed an already-built VHD to Hyper-V), but now you want to customize it.