Translating to English

I get lots of e-mail, and try my best to reply (although we've been really busy recently, so I've fallen hopelessly behind again).  But recently there have been a few that really puzzled me: those written in other languages.  Now while I can read through some of these and get the gist of the question being asked, I hate to reply based on that.  So I use translation software to get a more accurate idea of what is being said.

I recently noticed a new (well, new to me at least) Windows Live website,, that does what I need.  And it does a decent job of it.

It is entertaining sometimes to see how it decides to translate certain technical terms.  For example, I received a message in German that used the word "Languagepacks".  That was translated to "LANGUAGE luggage".

Now don't expect me to ever respond back in a foreign language -- I'm not that good, and you would probably rather try to figure out my English than my English run through a machine translator...