Free Office Online

If you are reading this blog because of the subject, there is no gimmick and no caveats - Office Online is totally free for everyone and it has been for past several years (under previous brand name Office WebApps). No need to wait or read this blog further, you can get started right away at

I am a big into Skiing and Ski nearly half of the time alone. While riding chairlift, I often have opportunity to talk to different people. I find it difficult that many folks don't know that they could use office online for free. To get them started, I would tell them to go to (now but I realized it is very difficult for folks to know and learn about office online. OneDrive is not a place that anyone would go to if they need to use office online, who don't already know about it, and even when they go to, office online is not very obvious. With new changes to, I am very pleased to announce that we have made it very easy for folks to discover and easily get started with Office Online.

If you have not already clicked on yet. Here is what you are going to see when you navigate to there:

You have bunch of different options (on the right) to click on. To showcase, I have clicked on Word Online and here is what you would see.

You can choose from three options here. I have chosen to click on blank new document. Note that at this point, if you are signed in using Microsoft account, you would see the page below otherwise you will be asked to login with an existing account and if you don't have one, don't worry, you will get the option to create one, which you can also do by going to


You are now in and good to go. Your documents are saved to that you can access from anywhere, share them with friends and family, and collaborate.

Still reading... Don't waste any time! Go checkout Office Online at and let us know what you think.