Jeff Tweedy at the Moore

It's been a Wilco-oriented week.

Followed up Monday's Nels Cline show with a Jeff  Tweedy solo show last night. As an added bonus Wilco's drummer Glenn Kotche opened and sat in for a few songs with Tweedy.

Now you might be thinking A drummer opened? By himself? What was it, a 45 minute drum solo? Well, sort of. It was drums and temple bells and hoses rubbed on snares and hubcaps being whacked with egg beaters and all manner of wierdness and it was amazingly melodic.

Tweedy was great and played both acoustic-friendly fare like Acuff Rose and some usually heavily electrified stuff like Shot in the Arm and I'm the Man Who Loves You that were amazingly good in their solo acoustic arrangements.

One thing Larry and I both lamented a bit was that Tweedy's renown for "baiting" his audiences seems to bring out the people interested in participating by trying to be obnoxious enough for Tweedy to notice them and tell them to shut up. It's a strange notariety, but maybe there are people bragging to their friends that "Jeff Tweedy called me the snaggle toothed voice of the abyss last night"! Tweedy was good natured about it, and used it as therapy I guess, but it must get pretty old.

Oh, and Tweedy's growin' a beard (Bob Dylan's 50th?)

Here's the setlist.