ZEN and The ART of ADFS Implementation– 5 Steps to master the Art of ADFS and SharePoint Integration

Through this series of posts, I will cover the steps to configure, A federation trust relationship to allow users in one organization (the account partner organization – CHI Forest) to access Web-based applications or services, which are secured by AD FS 2.0, in the other organization (the resource partner organization- ZEN Forest).

Please find the links to the entire series below and do let me know your valuable feedback, suggestions or corrections if any.  Smile

A very special thanks to the two Stalwarts of ADFS who helped me in building this LAB setup  Rahul Gangwar ,  Dilip Sant and the powershell Man Manoj Nair for helping me publish this blog


ZEN and The ART of ADFS Implementation–Part 1 of 5: Introduction


ZEN and The ART of ADFS Implementation–Part 2 of 5: ADFS Certificates and Accounts setup


ZEN and The ART of ADFS Implementation–Part 3 of 5: ADFS Deployment Steps


ZEN and The ART of ADFS Implementation–Part 4 of 5: SharePoint 2010 Integration


ZEN and The ART of ADFS Implementation–Part 5 of 5: ADFS Federation between Two forests


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