Cloud-Related PDC 2008 Sessions

The PDC team is regularly posting a list of sessions. Lately, they posted a session to give me the opportunity to talk to you about Cloud-based Workflow Services.

Workflow Services: Orchestrating Services and Business Processes

Presenter: Moustafa Ahmed


See how simple it is to use cloud-based workflow to perform complex orchestration across on-premises and cloud services. Also, learn how to run processes in the cloud while simplifying your system and increasing reliability in a distributed environment.


Note that the sessions titles, scope, and defintions are not yet final. The PDC team also published a few other cloud services related talks in PDC. They are a lot to write down here so make sure to check them out here. The following are some sessions where you’ll hear about what our team has been busy building:

Architecture of the Building Block Services - Dennis Pilarinos, John Shewchuk

Messaging Services Deep Dive: Trust Zones, Data Centers, and Multi-Tenant Services at Scale - Clemens Vasters

Securing Your Service Using the Federated Identity Services - Justin Smith

SQL Server Data Services: Futures - Patric McElroy

Developing and Deploying Your First Cloud Service - Steve Marx

Developing Applications Using Data Services - Presenters: Pablo Castro, Mike Flasko


Check Matt Winkler’s post here on published Oslo sessions.

PDC this year is going to be great; tons of announcements on cloud-based services, modeling and other projects different teams have been working on in the last few years. I hope to see you at PDC this October in L.A.