Designing Managed Applications Whitepaper

In my session at MMS a month or so ago, I mentioned a whitepaper that was been written by our product group on designing managed applications.  I am please to announce that this paper is now available for download (either Word or PDF depending on your particular preference).

I got several requests for this paper as soon as I mentioned it because those of us working on monitoring applications understand that the challenge starts with the application itself.  A management pack can only use information that the application makes available.  The more information that the application provides and the better the quality of that information, the more effective the management pack can be.  In fact, if the application is designed for monitoring from the start, the management pack itself can be fairly simple yet highly effective because most of the logic for collecting interesting information occurs in the application.

Several people that I spoke to were working with developers requesting strategies for designing their applications to be better supported by applications such as Operations Manager.  This paper is a start to exactly that type of information, so I would encourage you to pass it along.  This is definitely not where the story ends though because we are continuing to invest in this type of guidance.  I’ll make sure to provide references to other content as it comes available.