New Blog Launch

For those who didn’t follow my old blog at BWren’s Management Space my name is Brian Wren, and I’m a Technical Writer in the UA team at Microsoft focused on management pack authoring in Operations Manager 2007.  In my previous role as a consultant I was blogging on Operations Manager and related technologies on my personal blog.  Now that I’ve changed positions to own knowledge for management pack authoring,  a blog more specific that topic was in order. 

I’m planning on more frequent updates to this blog than I made to the previous one.  Over there I was focusing on documenting technical scenarios which are topics that I’ll be writing about more formally in my new role.  My blogging focus here will be providing updates on what’s happening with our documentation and other knowledge sources and calling attention to different activities going on in the overall MP community. 

As always I continue to solicit feedback.  You can provide comments on this blog or by mailing MOM Documentation Feedback.