MS UK's Solution Build Framework (SBF) on GotDotNet

I'm a developer within Microsoft Services in the UK. The group I work in have developed a framework that we use to perform all of our build and deployment of complex projects.

The Solutions Build Framework (SBF) is a set of tools and procedures that represents Microsoft Services UK's best practice for developing and deploying enterprise applications. SBF includes continuous integration build; automated multi box rig deployment; automated testing; automated documentation. Along with the binaries there's some documentation on how to use SBF. We realise that this is a little thin on the ground at the moment, but we have plans to update the docs in the future.

At it's heart lies a collection of MSBuild tasks that we've written to do pretty much everything that you might want to do during a build or deployment. This means that even if you decide not to follow the SBF way of doing builds, there are over 200 MSBuild tasks there for you to play with. Howard van Rooijen is has already listed them so I won't bother doing it again.

SBF also includes our Deployment Framework. We use these tools to deploy to our rigs. They uninstall and install MSIs and allow us to have a single set of MSIs which can then be deployed to single box rigs, multi box rigs etc using XML files to define the differences between rigs.

So, grab a copy of SBF and use what you find useful.

You can find the Code Gallery for SBF here.