Not Writing Code is Great

I love writing code. Sometimes, though, not writing code is even better. Less code written means less to test, less to maintain, less to document etc etc.

Ben Vincent, Lead Program Manager for Windows Live Calendar, likes to spend his free time pretending to be a developer ;-) Actually, he's going a pretty good job because his pet project,, is looking pretty good in it's latest release.

I've been giving Ben some feedback on his code and what's particularly nice is when you can review someone's code and say "hey - that's good code, but why not throw it all away?"

In Ben's own words...

Thanks to Martin Peck a friend in the UK, I have rewritten the XML layer to speed up the loading of data, reduce the amount of memory it takes up and speed up the queries. Almost all the data queries use LINQ which has allowed me to delete 8 or so classes and an about a hundred lines of code. I'm getting another code review soon, so I'm sure I'll have some additional changes to work on!

You're welcome Ben. I'm looking forward to reviewing the code fully and showing you how little of it you needed to write :-)