SBF Gets Improved Docs and Tutorial

There's a new version of the Microsoft UK Solution Build Framework up on GotDotNet. This version has a bunch of new features and bug fixes including:

  • Support for TFS Source Control
  • New MSBuild tasks for Biztalk 2006 configuration
  • Improvements to the Biztalk 2004 MSBuild Tasks

However, the most important improvement in this drop is the work that Giles has done on the documentation and the tutorial. Giles has put a lot of effort in getting the docs and the tutorial up to date and in good order.

There are a few TODOs left, but these docs and the tutorial have been tried and tested on a couple of new projects, so they should be pretty solid. Not only are .DOC files updated, but he's put tonnes of comments into the .prog .target and .properties files that you'll be working with.

The tutorial takes you through the process of setting up continuous integration builds, automated deployment and automated testing.

Visit the Code Gallery here.