Guiding your digital journey

Recent International Data Corporation (IDC) research predicts investment in digital transformation initiatives to reach USD $1.7 trillion by 2019, putting digital transformation at the centre of all modern business strategies. Requiring a plethora of new skills and investment, there is an incredible opportunity here for digitally savvy partners to lead this disruption, across every industry.

In line with this, last week Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner, announced the launch of the Microsoft Digital Transformation Series of eBooks. Developed together with IDC, the series outlines partner opportunities to innovate through modern intelligent technology and game-changing business solutions.

"While 84 percent of partners are using a digital strategy, most are just starting out. Those that incorporate specialized solutions will quickly help their customers disrupt their industry.

The first e-book in the series, The Digital Transformation Opportunity, contains great insight into the market and digital maturity of customers. It describes business attributes needed for successful transformation and how partners have aligned business strategy with cloud tech (such as AI and blockchain) to improve operations and monetization."

Split across 5 eBooks, the series describes how digitally mature partners are focussing on Microsoft's four pillars of digital transformation to drive revenue growth:

  • Engaging customers
  • Empowering employees
  • Optimising operations
  • Transforming products

The series will help you understand these pillars and learn how to build them into your roadmap, aligning solutions with customer transformation needs. The first eBook in the series, The Digital Transformation Opportunity, is now available to download. It contains great insight into the market and digital maturity of customers, along with the business attributes needed for successful transformation.

Read Gavriella's full article here to find out more, download the first book in the series and stay tuned to the UK MPN blog for the launch of the second.

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