Have you had THE security conversation yet?


Imagine getting to the end of a blog post, only to realise the writer doesn't know what they're talking about.

"The thing about security is: it's really important."

"You need to manage everyone's devices."

"The cloud is really taking off."

They know the hot topics that'll get your attention. But often, they don't know enough to keep it. It's just another generic conversation - and another waste of your time.

The best conversations happen when you know not only what to talk about, but how to talk about it, too. And like you're screaming out for thought leaders who really know their stuff, your customers are looking for partners they can have THE conversation with. The conversation that answers their unique questions and gives them the resources they can keep coming back to.

How do you make sure you're the partner for the job?

Know your stuff

There's a saying we use a lot at Microsoft. "Pick something and do it really well." For you, this means finding THE conversation topic, knowing what your customers will ask, and making sure you know your stuff.


Take security as an example. Lots of your customers will be looking for an expert partner they can have THE conversation with. How do you make sure you're the partner for the job? By building a security practice that allows you to answers all your customers' questions.



"How do I come up with a security strategy?"

If your customers are just getting started (or have fallen a little behind), a good security strategy will be front of mind. This is the foundation for everything - so it's no time to be vague. This webinar outlines four steps you can help your customers take when putting together their security strategy. By showing them how you plan to help them, they'll know you're THE partner. 






"How do I manage all my employees' devices?"

Their employees are bringing in devices of their own, and your customers are scrambling to keep them all safe. There's no time to waste. Listen to their individual needs. Then introduce Microsoft 365, and show them how you can keep them secure and compliant


"How do I stay secure in the cloud?"

Yes, it's unfamiliar to some of your customers - but it's still going to be tough to find talking points they haven't heard before. You can make a good start with our risk and compliance assessment, to uncover exactly what they're looking for, and exactly where you can help.

This definitely isn't an exhaustive list of THE conversations your customers want to have. But if you're serious about building a security practice your customers can trust, they're some of the hot topics you should be talking about.

Why you can trust Microsoft

You don't have to have these conversations alone. The advantage of being a Microsoft partner is that you've got all the knowledge and support you need to succeed. But, like your customers, you might be wondering why you can trust us with a topic as important as security.

Because we partner with other organisations to share intelligence. We work together to improve the response to security threats across our industry. And we stay in touch with government and governing bodies to make sure we're promoting best practices. In short, you can trust us because we really know our stuff. When you get in touch with us, we'll give you information you'll find useful - so you can do the same for your customers.

With talking points, insight, and answers to the big questions, we're ready to help you pick something and do it really well. We're ready to help you have THE conversation. See how you can build out a security practice here.