How ISVs and Microsoft Partners can help their manufacturing clients


The world of manufacturing is changing. Technology has had a profound effect on this industry. The right technology can help manufacturing firms become more competitive, profitable and innovative. Software developers (also known as Independent Software Vendors or ISVs) have an important contribution to make.


The marriage of cyber and physical systems has heralded a fourth industrial revolution. By 2019, advanced manufacturing technologies will be worth more than $85 million worldwide. This includes areas like additive manufacturing and advanced robotics.


Over the past ten years, manufacturing productivity has grown three times faster than the economy as a whole. This defies stereotypes of a declining sector and creates a growing opportunity for software developers and Microsoft Partners.


Despite this growth, manufacturers still face many challenges:


  • Customers have become impatient. Faster turnaround times have changed customer expectations. They don't care how, they want it now.
  • Slow growth rate. Although manufacturing growth is at a three-year high, it is a slow growth. Manufacturing is performing well compared to other industries, but it could do better.
  • Rising factory costs. Despite the growth of the UK manufacturing industry, costs are rising. Productivity is now the key to remaining competitive, and therefore profitable.
  • Digitisation. Cyber-physical systems are becoming more common. Approximately 56 percent of heavy industries, such as manufacturing, have adopted them. The challenge has become how to thrive in a physical industry that is becoming more digital.


The good news is that manufacturers don't have to face these challenges alone. Through partnership with ISVs, your business can help build a bright future for manufacturing customers.


ISV partnership helps manufacturers stay competitive


Competition is inevitable in any industry. It leads to innovation, a better customer experience and keeps a business on its toes. When manufacturers stop being competitive, they lose money. This is how you can achieve business growth, by bringing real value to manufacturers.


You can help manufacturing companies grow faster, innovate more efficiently, operate leaner and cut costs. Through partnership with ISVs you can offer manufacturers a competitive edge. You do this by helping them adapt to changing customer expectations and increasing digitisation.


How ISVs help manufacturers exceed customer expectations


Recent years have seen the rise of additive manufacturing. The layman calls it 3D printing, the process of creating objects by layering material. It lets manufacturers get their product to market much faster than traditional methods. It also allows them to build different parts, all on the one machine. This flexibility keeps their customers happy.


95 percent of businesses say good customer experiences are their top strategic priority. Three-quarters of them admit it would give their business a competitive advantage. Despite this, only 37 percent dedicate efforts towards improving the customer experience. So, if manufacturers want to grow, now is the time to get competitive.


Understanding customer expectations helps manufacturers know how to keep them happy. Not only that, it gives businesses the opportunity to exceed their expectations. ISVs can help by making the purchasing process as painless as possible.


One of the best ways to improve customer experiences and innovation is communication. This can be internal, or customer communication. This personalises the customer experience and improves teamwork and productivity. Manufacturers need certain capabilities to achieve these goals that your business can provide through ISV partnership. Here are a few examples of the services ISVs can offer.


BrightStarr Ltd


Technology has revolutionised communication, both in and out of the workplace. Yet, it also has the potential to cause communication problems. However, effective collaboration tools and technology reduce these problems by enabling business productivity.


BrightStarr Ltd provides tools aimed at improving productivity. Their product, Unily, helps businesses adopt leading collaboration and communication functionality without the expense and delays of traditional intranet development. It is custom built in Azure and integrates with Office 365. Unily updates often, ensuring that subscribers have access to features they need. BrightStarr also offer support to subscribers, making sure they deliver value to clients.


Watch Katy Smith, Marketing Manager at BrightStarr Ltd explain how they improve business productivity.




When talking to customers, it's best to treat them like people. By personalising customer interactions, you increase customer engagement, retention and conversion.


Sitecore offer a platform which can improve a customer's digital experience. It allows businesses to personalise content to communicate with customers. Despite the automation, the personalisation makes it feel like one-to-one communication. Their software is easy to use and has delivered success across many industries.


Want to increase sales and boost business growth? Use a personal touch to treat your customers right.


Watch Ollie March, Digital Experience Consultant describe how they can improve their client's customer experiences.


How ISVs allow manufacturers to adapt to increased digitisation


Manufacturing is becoming more digital by the day. Advancements in technology has put data at the heart of business success. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way that manufacturers operate.


IoT technology in manufacturing allows workers to price projects in real-time. Giving them a quote based on the value of the materials at any given moment. It also uses data from machines to anticipate and prevent repairs. This reduces downtime as it fixes problems before they happen.


As a result, information has become vital to manufacturing. It's important that businesses know how to handle their data.


AvePoint UK


AvePoint UK use the cloud to manage, protect and govern business critical data. They help to transfer manufacturing capabilities to the cloud. This allows employees anywhere in the world to access information. This unified information portal provides users with what they need to get the job done. It also boosts productivity and reduces costs through the services offered to users.


Watch Sarju Raja, General Manager of AvePoint UK tell you how they save businesses money by migrating them to the cloud.


Building your business, together


Manufacturing is a changing industry. Customers are changing and the industry is moving, ever faster, into the digital sphere. With dwindling growth, manufacturers must be creative to compete.


Through ISV partnership you can help manufacturers meet and exceed customer expectations. Allowing manufacturers to enter the digital era with confidence and capability. There is no reason why manufacturers can't fuel growth within your business. You just have to show them how you can help build theirs.