Securing the modern workplace


"This is an era where every company is becoming a digital business." That's Jean Phillippe Courtois, our Vice President.

It's true. Last time, we looked at some of the ways cloud is driving this digital transformation. Multi-device and multi-sense working is one of those changes. It's the kind of experience your customers get on Surface devices, and it helps them get hands-on. AI and serverless technologies are another two. They're changing how your customers make decisions and manage things. It's the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), and it's an exciting, intelligent age.

So if you finished the last post ready to move into data and cloud solutions, let's do it. But first, let's lay the groundwork. Let's talk security.

The ways your customers work

Your customers can do so much more with the technology of the 4IR than they could just a short time ago. It can feel like they're constantly finding new ways to work. And sometimes, they discover new challenges.

For example, what if an entire team wants to work somewhere different? Or somebody brings in their own laptop or tablet and wants to use it for work? Their employers - your customers - will look to you. How are you going to make it happen? How are you going to secure your customers' people, devices, and locations, as they explore the new ways of working in the 4IR?

If technology does more in the 4IR, security needs to, too. It has to be something that comes as standard - not a second thought as you race to put your customers ahead of the competition.

Security for the 4IR

Security for your customers is built in to Microsoft 365. It's got everything they need to power on in the 4IR - with dispersed teams, mobile workforces, and BYOD policies - safely.

Whatever the device, it can be managed and secured in one place. This applies to not only Windows devices, but Android and iOS, too. The apps and data are secure anywhere. That's mobile working covered. And central sign-on management means customers can clearly see who's got access to what data - and where it's going - so everyone can share their work with confidence.

If your customers' employees are using their own devices for work, it's still easy to keep everything under control. Delivering and managing desktops and apps is quick and easy with Microsoft 365. Everyone has the same level of security, and can get the same apps, on all their devices. And your customers' IT departments can still manage them all. That's BYOD secured.

And that's just the software. If your customers are looking to secure their hardware, the recently launched Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) will do it. SEMM adds extra measures such as turning off the microphone or camera. This can be done on any Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and Surface Studio device.

The freedom to do more

Bay Equity is one business already taking the 4IR head-on - securely. This digital-first mortgage lender leads the industry in paperless loan processing, and they're ready to do more.

The team uses Surface Pros running Windows 10. Built-in features such as BitLocker Drive Encryption makes sure data stays secure. And Microsoft OneDrive for Business synchronises documents as they're uploaded to the cloud.

Good for your customers, good for you

Security should be a key consideration in any big change your customers make. But it doesn't have to mean extra work, slowing their pace, or changing their approach. Everything they need to secure the ways they work is right here, in Microsoft 365.

And for you, it's a no-brainer. You can keep selling Microsoft products and services as usual - assured that security is part of the package.

That's security covered

So what do your customers build on that foundation? Success. How do they get it? Service. In the 4IR, success depends on the customer. In the next blog post, you'll discover the front of house trends shaping your customers' businesses behind the scenes.