UK Announcement: The Microsoft Partner Community

Here at Microsoft UK, we have been recently discussing that community matters, and the high importance of partner to partner interaction. Community provides a sense of belonging, personal and professional growth, leadership opportunities and so much more. Our main platform of P2P interaction has been the UK Partner Yammer network, with over 2,000 users. Over time, we have seen this grow, but we want to do everything we can to help our partners connect and learn from each other.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that as of 27th February, our new online partner platform will be the Microsoft Partner Community (MPC). This is a centralised online platform on the Microsoft Partner website where partners can connect both locally and globally with each other, with Microsoft SMEs and with industry leaders who will make a difference in this community.

Watch our exclusive MPC UK Overview here, featuring Polly Cartwright, a Partner Market Advisor at Microsoft UK who is joined by Chris Dunning, Founder of TechQuarters and Kelvin Kirby, CEO of Technology Associates to discuss the benefits of the Microsoft Partner Community Platform.

A Global Community 

The goal of the MPC is to become the one united community platform that drives partner and Microsoft business conversations. This is a place to find key content, subject matter experts and networking opportunities with other partners around the world. It is also a fun and interactive digital venue where partners can earn badges and kudos for their participation.

Features include a notifications dashboard, search function and endless scalability so that as the Microsoft Partner Network grows, so does the community.

A Local Community

Although the MPC is made up of partners from all around the world, we have created an area which is dedicated for UK partners, called the UK Partner Zone. Here you can find UK-specific content such as readiness events, training and marketing materials, as well as like-minded partners based in the UK.

Like Yammer, we also have private groups within the UK Partner Zone. These include the UK Partner Concierge, UK Dynamics 365, UK Partner Licensing and UK CSP.

For any more information about the Microsoft Partner Community, download our Partner User Guide or visit