Broke Back Mountain - The best movie all year

Tonight we went to see a showing of Broke Back Mountain with the Seattle International Film Festival (  The movie was great.

It stars Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Ang Lee.    Heath and Jake did very well playing cowboys in this movie. Some of the 1970-1980 scenes had them wearing some nasty sideburns and mustaches, but I never did like facial hair on anyone.  God forbid that the hairly look comes back.  

The movie was a little slow in a few parts but the story and the ending was perfect.  Ang Lee did an amazing job on directing.  I recommend that you go see it when it comes out next week.

I was very excited to be a SIFF VIP ticket holder. We got to get in early have some wine and get the best seats in the house.  If you are not member of SIFF and would love to see lots of movies before anyone else then you should sign up to a member (it is tax deductible)