Getting your Media Center Extender to connect to a remote file server

So at my house we have a single Media Center 2005 PC, and 2 Media Center Extenders (MCX).  We also have our file server (2TB raw) :)  On this file server we store WMV versions of recorded shows and also other movies (like backed up DVDs) that are also in WMV format. 

Becasue i do not wish to have a DC (to save power) all my machines are no domain members (there is also major work arounds to get Media Center to join a domain). 

So the issue is is that a MCX creates its own user account on the Ehome.  This account has a password that is only known to the MCX box.  So how do you set up a file server to allow the MCX boxes to connect to it.

Answer: Login Scripts! 


Create a new user on the file server (remember the password)

On your file Server Setup your file shares to allow this user read access to your share(s)

On the Ehome Create a new bat file in %windir%\system32\GroupPolicy\User\Scripts\Logon called share-mapper.bat

put in the bat file "net use \\<fileservername>\ipc$ /u:<username> "<password>"

   replace the items between < and > with the correct values

On the Ehome create a shortcut in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Videos that goes to your share that has the movies.  (ie \\deathstar\movies\WMV)

On the ehome run gpedit.msc

Expand User Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Scripts (logon/logoff)

Select Logon scipts in the right window

Add the script that we created above

Click OK to save the logon scipt.  Then restart your MCX


Done.!  Now when you go to my movies you will see a share to your file server!