My new Cingular 2125 SmartPhone

It has been one week from when I got my 2125 smart phone.  It was my first smart phone and so far I like it.  The few things/issues that have come up are

  1.  It took 70 on the phone with Cingular to start service with them.  I was a T-mobile customer but due to a dead spot on Capital Hill in Seattle I decided to change.
  2.  I found that if you do not know what you are doing using a smart phone could be a huge pain.  I came from using my T610 (which I hated) and a HP 4150 PPC
  3. Cingular's web site attempts to sell you "GoodLink" for ~$39.99 for unlimited data and a 99.99 startup fee when you only need MediaNet unlimited (about 19.99 and not setup fee)
  4. As soon I as find out if the WiFi hardware is included in the HTC tornado-like phone
  5. Setting up all my numbers as contacts in Outlook

Things that I like about my new phone

  1. EDGE is fast
  2. Access to Email all the time
  3. Access to Internet ( comes in handy (I hope to talk to the owner and get a Smart Phone UI soon))
  4. FeedME RSS reader
  5. About the same size as T610 (minus the hump)

Important Additions/tweaks

  1. IE Card Cache (store cache on storage card):
  2. Store on email on storage card:
  3. Weather:
  4. Traffic:
  5. HTC Signed RegEditor (important for those who have an App Locked phone):!1pwLVDaHQF6ltiEJslNeKRkA!198.entry
  6. compact framework:
  7. Cleaning up that start menu:
  8. Various other things:

Yesterday I went to the Cingular store in Bellevue square Mall and asked when they would get a 2125 in stock and how much they cost (to see if they where cheaper). They said they did not have any till I told them I currently had T-Mobile.  Then they had a few in stock.  So if you want one you can trick them into telling you the truth.

When I asked Cingular for the Unlock code for the phone (I told them I travel International) they said I need to be a customer for 90 days before they will give me the unlock code.

I will add postings if I find new cool items (that are public) or have problems.