My new universal remote - Harmony 880

Yesterday I got my new remote (,CRID=2084,CONTENTID=9933).

It is sweet.  It works great with my Pioneer Elite Plasma, Pioneer Elite Receiver, Media Center Extender, and Marantz DVD player.

Before I had 4 remotes now I have 1.  The website you use to program the device SUCKS.  But once you figure out how to make it work the way you want it is okay. 

The remote is a good size and does not weigh too much.  It has a tilt sensor so the back light turns on when you pick up the remote.  No more attempting to find the back-light button in the dark.  It gives me a way to let my house guests use my system with the push of a single button.  No more how-to guides.

Did I say the website sucks?  It is all Java based.  So you have to install this crappy 23mb app on your machine that includes the Java runtime in order to get the device to program. 

Maybe a little reverse engineering will make it so a .NET app can feed commands into the remote. :)

I would not pay the retail price on it ($249.00). If it was not for our Microsoft discount I would have stuck with my 4 remotes. 

Also Logitech can/will sell info about what components you have and how you have them setup.